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Final Reflection; Avu vs. Senioritis April 4, 2011

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Ahh the mock exam. This is what I would describe as Exhibit A in the case of  Avu v. Senioritis. So with this evidence it appears that Avu is losing to Senioritis. Avu did not study for my Economics mock exam. By this I don’t mean the usual, Avu spent 20 minutes flipping through notes aimlessly hoping to gain some insight through osmosis. I mean Avu legitimately did not remember I had an Econ exam. Avu did not touch anything related to the class. I believe Avu watched a Woody Allen movie the night before if that is useful.

So on the day of the exam, the plaintiff happened to forget his ruler and had to hunt for one. He also claims to have not been prepared for this exam in the least. Upon opening the first page of the paper titled 1, submitted to the jury as evidence article 1a, he was shocked to see a choice between monopoly profits and government crowding out, two topics he really couldn’t bluff through. Going for more than 1 out of 10 points, Mr. Chaturvedi chose the macroeconomics question, attempting to milk as much as he could. For the amount of preparation he had completed, Avu did a reasonable job on this question.

On to the second part of article 1a, Avu selected a question regarding airplanes. He used his knowledge of common sense and his exceptional memory to attempt to answer this, and did a reasonable job. By this time however, the defendant, Mr. Senioritis, had driven not only Avu’s knowledge, but also his hopes for success, to the doldrums. He was unable to put in any outstanding effort. For that reason his answers were abridged.

Mr. Chaturvedi received a 5 on his mock exam, which he feels is a decent grade. In other words, he feels that should he put in effort, even in the least, he will have enough knowledge to get a 6 and possibly even a 7.

He has set aside a single plan for reading; read the f*cking books.


China’s Current Account (via Hao’s Econ Blog) December 6, 2010

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That’s What’s Up

China's Current Account 1) China's deficit in the mid 1980s is explained through the surge in foreign direct investment in China. However the current account when back into surplus in the 1990-1991 due to heavy government budget cutbacks as well as bans on imports. China's current account has been relatively balanced until 2001. The current account has been in surplus 1996 due to low domestic demand and high exports, which lead to a surplus of about 30 billion dollars. … Read More

via Hao's Econ Blog

The Danger Zone; Where No Man Can Withstand or Hold His Own August 30, 2010

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The Danger Zones affect weaker students with weak test taking skills. Among the categories, perhaps one or two have stricken me with heavenly zeal, especially sweeping generalizations, as we all know broads, cripples, and colored folk have similar economic trends within their species. Yes, however, in general I am too perfect a human being to succumb to anything regarding anything dangerous, and mostly just don’t know what the %@#$ I’m saying because of not studying and trying to bluff my way out. I’m kind of like the Iron Chef of writing about economics. Read the rest of my blog. Actually, don’t.