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Taxes, the Beauty of Democracy… August 26, 2010

Posted by Avu in Section 3, The Economist Outside of Class.
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…and the filth that is everything we hold dear to ourselves. That is, of course, referring to taxation equity, as there is nothing we as decent human beings hold to be a more fundamental human right for survival than taxation equity. This is why we spend our time and taxpayer dollars (the irony…) attempting to find a happy, or unhappy for that matter, middle ground on where we should set our tax rate. The Democrats and that other party in our country seem to harbor a rivalry as vicious as the Yankees and the Red Sox. I take that back, it’s something more along the lines of the Palestinians and Israelis (go blue!), with more wheeling, dealing, and sexuality. The Repugnicans (sic) seem to assert that they don’t want to drive up national debt by raising taxes. They’re, to paraphrase Bubbles from “The Wire”, equivocating like a mother*&%#er. In the long run, undoing the damage that Dick and Bush did would of course reduce the national deficit. The right wing amuses me. This explains why I specifically order only left wings at B-Dubs. Esoteric reference, forgive me. In the end it’s simply a long term vs. short term battle between both parties, and as we have learned from the past, we should always shoot for the long term.


PBL Presentation Reflection May 31, 2010

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PBL, as a learning experience, was beneficial in expanding our creative minds and embarking on educational excursions. To be honest, to just learn the information, a textbook or lecture would have been more efficient, but PBL was a great experience and allowed for our education to be fun. While inefficient, PBL was far more engaging than conventional education, and therefore allowed for greater focus.

We felt that our weaknesses were mostly born of unpreparedness and unexpectedness of what the questions would be. I think the most difficult question to deal with was the one regarding outsourcing, as we didn’t consider the issue previously. It was extremely difficult trying to convince the groups that had to lose out that the benefits of our solution, to a major extent, outweighed the costs.

Greatest Economy Presentation Reflection April 13, 2010

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Our presentation was extremely good. We got the best grade in our class, bar none. We had some issues with our presentation due to the lack of complexity and communication, which we could have improved through preparation beforehand. However, we are satisfied with our efforts and regret nothing.

Our Presentation

In Russia… GDP Calculate You March 29, 2010

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Over the last decade, Russia’s GDP increased on an upward trend up until 2008, improving from about 250 billion dollars to 1.6 billion dollars. This is good.

Russia’s GDP per capita increased from $6000 to about $16000 in the same time frame. This is good.

Economic growth was on an upward trend the whole time. Increased of 8-10% were common from 1998-2002, before it regressed to around 4%. From 2008-2010, Russia experienced negative growth. This is not good.

I can conclude that as Russia’s GDP increased, its GDP per capita. Russia’s HDI was also on an increasing trend over the same time frame, so it can be shakily concluded that increases in GDP can, in some cases, correspond with increases in HDI.

Putin is awesome.